For Youth/High School Students:

Some jobs build careers. But a teaching career builds a legacy. Teachers impact students’ lives and futures. Are you interested in building a legacy that will last for generations?  Do you want to be the teacher who advocates for students and brings change to the system ? There are several opportunities where you can start making a difference now and start your journey to being an educator!

Find out what it takes to be a teacher through the Junior Achievement of North Florida’s JA Inspire Virtual Career Exploration Program. This program, available to all 8th graders in Duval County Public Schools, introduces students to career opportunities that have high growth and earning potential in Northeast Florida. You will also learn about the education path to becoming a teacher before you even begin high school.

Once in high school, you can become a tutor. Read USA offers opportunities for you to help younger students academically and get your first experience in the classroom. Read USA trains, supervises and provides reading tutoring jobs to teens from under-resourced communities.

Duval County Public Schools also has an Early College Education Academy for high school students with a passion for being a positive influence in the lives of young people, or who want a jump on getting core college credits before starting college.

Through this program, you can earn an Associate of Arts degree free of charge, participate in paid internships, and have fun working with younger students.

Once you have your Associates Degree, you can apply for a scholarship through the Florida Fund for Minority Teachers. The program awards $4,000 annual scholarships to eligible students, who are also required to attend an annual symposium where they can network and gain additional professional skills.

The University of North Florida’s Center for Urban Education and Policy provides quality education for socially and economically disenfranchised groups. The Urban Education Scholarship Program provides $6,000 scholarships for high school students to pursue a career in education through the University of North Florida. Preference is given to students in the northeast Florida region who come from a historically underrepresented group.

City Year AmeriCorps members spend a year working full-time in schools, gaining classroom experience and the opportunity of a lifetime. During this gap year, high school build skills inside and outside the classroom that prepare them for greater opportunities in college and later, as teachers. At the end of the year, AmeriCorps members receive more than $6,000 for college or other professional learning and also have access to additional scholarships.

Many of the students you'll be helping reach their potential live in systemically under-resourced communities where external factors can make it hard for students to come to school ready to learn every day. These obstacles may include food and housing insecurity, trauma or health or safety issues.

City Year AmeriCorps members receive robust training to develop their skills in the classroom and beyond. These learning experiences can follow many different formats, including instructor-led sessions, e-learning, practical exercises, on the job experience and continual coaching and feedback throughout your service year.